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About Us was launched in January 2023 and has since grown. Before the launch of the online platform, we have gained many customers from around the province, and now, we already have extended the market to selected parts of the country.

We are a small team with a unique mission to provide a different taste of fashionable clothings for all occasions.

Based in the the United States, is an emerging trend in fashion with emphasis on custom-made apparels and other traditional clothes stuff that are 100 percent culture-oriented. Our online platform allows users to conveniently discover new trends to suit every individual. Though the platform, which is presented in web platform, those looking for ready food stuff can order online and wait for the delivery. Orders can be paid through Paypal.

We are a small team of Filipino traditional producers who uses unique techniques to come up with our own brand of products. We are working around the clock to make this platform one of the powerful online marketplace. We believe that shopping for clothes should be easy, fast and definitely fun!

So if you are tired of the same taste of your favorite apparels and maybe craving for a different taste, something that you can exclaim out for difference, try us. Simply order here it has never been easier.